UN Projects And Programmes

When we think about the role of the United Nations(UN) in the global community, it is often difficult to pin them down to a particular role. The simple reason for this is that there are so many different aims and agendas of this international organization with agencies.  Many UN projects and programs work under the UN banner.

It is too simplistic to say that they are an organization focused on world health, world peace, world poverty or environmental issues.  Each agency has its focus and series of programs and initiatives.

Listing Of Well Known UN Projects And Programs:

There are many UN projects and programs with various aims for the improvement of life and prosperity across the world. Some of the more well-known and significant for the developing countries are as follows:

United Nations Children's Fund

They also look at democratic governance and peace building and measures for resilience to climate change and disaster. Meanwhile, the United Nations Environment Program UN Environment helps with environmental goods and services, conservation and sustainable food and water.

There is also the UN Environment’s Climate Change, a sub-program to strengthen responses and adaptions to climate change, and the UN Environment’s Resource Efficiency sub-program for sustainable consumption and production practice.

One of the reasons that these two UN projects and programs are further highlighted here is the rise of the Poverty-Environment Initiative.

This PEI is a combined effort between to the UNDP and UNEP to “manage the environment in a way that improves livelihoods and leads to sustainable growth.”

United Nations Environment Programme

It is an excellent example of how the different aims of the UN meet and merge in different situations. Health, wealth, environment, childcare and women’s issue are not mutually exclusive from one another.

Much of the work with this joint development and environment initiative is clearly seen in the PEI Africa program. At the moment, this scheme is at work in eight African nations. They are Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. This could increase in the coming years.

It is important to point out the importance of this PEI Africa scheme because so many UN projects and programs focus here.

There are many plans in place in Africa across the different sectors of the UN. This is because Africa remains one of the poorest continents with poor access to basic needs and slow development. The African schemes in place are vast and include the following:

  • The African 10 Year Framework Program on Sustainable Consumption and Production
  • The African Network of Environmental Journalists to improve public awareness and education programs within African environmental schemes
  • The Nairobi River Basin Program that looks at environmental, industrial and socio-economic impacts on Nairobi rivers
  • The African eco-labeling scheme for appropriate standards for environmental and healthcare products and services
  • The UN projects and programs branch out into multiple directions but connect through common aims and shared goals.

The projects of the UN are wide reaching across numerous areas of the world. There are very significant differences between the schemes for the refugees, women, and children.

There are also specialists in economic, social, political, environmental and healthcare programs. At their heart are the same principles that push the UN towards their primary goals.

All programs have a desire to see greater prosperity, equality, and development across all corners of the world.

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