Learn About Greenhouse Gas

Greenhouse gases are those gases that are trapping heat in the atmosphere. We are going to discuss the causes of greenhouse gas emissions and what we can do about them.

1. Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

CO2 enters the air by burning fossil fuels (natural gas, coal, and petroleum), trees, solid waste, and other biological substances, and also because of specific chemical reactions (e.g., production of concrete). Carbon dioxide is eliminated from the air (or”sequestered”) if plants absorb it as a portion of the natural carbon cycle.

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Sustainable Home Construction

The innovation in construction material has become possible by the invention in construction materials besides the technologies and trends. The design in construction materials and technology helps improve the efficiency of the construction process. The national construction codes, same as the national electrical code 2020, are used to maintain a uniform arrangement of specialized setups for the plan, development, and execution of structures and plumbing and seepage frameworks all through Australia in the construction domain. Different counsels worked on their specific domains to make them better, such as NEC (National Electrical Code), NPC (National Plumbing Code), etc.

Sustainable Home Construction
Here for your knowledge, we have a few sustainable home construction materials that are now replaced by concrete. Such as;


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Climate Change Is Urgent Situation for Government to deal with

The US and the world face a near-crisis that needs American leadership at home and overseas. Climate change is one of the causes that make things worse. But while the Trump government is utterly failing at the task because of incompetence, indifference, corruption, or all three, America’s state and local authorities are rising to the challenge and demonstrating what the future direction should look like.

Just as this has been true in reply to the COVID-19 pandemic, so does this apply when comparing state and federal leadership in facing the climate crisis.… Read the rest

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Makes A Better Life for Displaced Nigerians

Our first example of Un projects are the water boreholes that are currently helping to a better life for Nigerians relocated by the conflict, according to the UN’s International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Approximately two million people in the north-east of the West African country have fled their homes as a result of continuing attacks by armed insurgent teams; some of them live in 63 sites regulated by humanitarian organizations in the town of Maiduguri.… Read the rest


As the Covid-19 spreads to over 200 territories and countries. The United Nations is redoubling its support for frontline responders that are currently working to save lives.

“Healthcare Workers are essentially the major response pillars that we have,” said Jan-Eric Larsen. From Operations Support and Logistics in the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Western Pacific in a video tweet. “Without the healthcare employees, we won’t have the ability to stop this transmission in time.”

“The problem we are facing now is an extremely stretched market with limited supplies,” he said. Explaining that when folks use those supplies irrationally. It is going to create a strain on the health care system.… Read the rest

4 trends in corporate sustainability

In 2018, Daniel Hill, Project Manager for EDF Climate Corps, identified 4 corporate sustainability trends that business leaders should be considering going forward. Those four corporate trends were: (1.) growth in businesses setting Science-Based Targets, (2.) focus towards decreasing supply chain emissions, (3.) technology and internet businesses are stepping up on sustainability, and (4.) increased innovation.

Here is how those corporate sustainability trends played out:

1. There Is Rapid Growth of Companies Setting Science-Based Targets

In April, 250 businesses had either set or committed to establishing a Science-Based Target — goals which are in accord with the level of decarbonization needed to maintain global temperature increase below 2 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial temperatures.… Read the rest

clean water for people

Consider these three figures:

  • An assumed 1.8 billion people around the world drink water that’s contaminated by fecal matter.
  • A third of all health facilities and clinics in low-income and middle-income countries do not have access to safe water.
  • 1 in 3 individuals around the world does not have an available toilet.

Clean water for people is an essential requirement for life, but it’s not a reality for a lot of our global population. In response, many social organizations work to remove this danger, save lives, and transform societies for the better. In the account of World Water Day, we have highlighted 12 organizations that help the global water problem. While they work toward the purpose of providing water, each focus on a particular angle of the water issue.… Read the rest

reduce greenhouse gasses

The world has taken an essential step on the path to dramatically decrease the production and consumption of potent greenhouse gases called hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and reduce global warming. The Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer that came into action on January 1, 2019, shows that the world is finally taking the threat of global warming seriously.

If fully supported by governments, the private sector, and all the citizens, the Kigali Amendment will prevent up to 0.4°C of global warming this century while continuing to protect the ozone layer. The change will contribute to the Paris Agreement’s goals.

HFCs are organic compounds often used as refrigerants in air conditioners and other devices. While HFCs don’t deplete the ozone layer, they are extremely potent greenhouse gases with … Read the rest

green house gasses

Human activities such as industrialization significantly contribute to greenhouse gases or carbon footprint emissions that in turn affect the environment. There are several causes of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, and the impacts of this scenario are widespread.

Threats of global warming are real as witnessed by climate changes in different parts of the globe. Rising seas due to the impacts of global warming pose a threat to both human and animal habitats. Other challenges include droughts and floods in different parts of the globe, and these lead to loss of life.

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energy saving home

Robotic devices have changed the way that we run and interact with our homes in a significant way. There are all kinds of smart devices to help all of us. They range from adaptive robotic lawn mowers, robotic vacuum cleaners, to robotic pool cleaners.  Smart appliances, robotic cleaners, and other tools are practical, convenient, save energy, and are time-efficient. Artificial Intelligence or AI has even changed the way that we switch on the lights, heat the home and interact with entertainment devices.

On a positive note, these smart devices and robotic pool cleaners are able to save us money on electricity cost based on reviews by RoboticPoolCleanersCompared.com . New adaptations to the batteries, connectivity, and functionality mean there are some great energy saving options out there.

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UN Projects And Programmes

When we think about the role of the United Nations(UN) in the global community, it is often difficult to pin them down to a particular role. The simple reason for this is that there are so many different aims and agendas of this international organization with agencies.  Many UN projects and programs work under the UN banner.

It is too simplistic to say that they are an organization focused on world health, world peace, world poverty or environmental issues.  Each agency has its focus and series of programs and initiatives.… Read the rest

UN clean water initiatives

On January 19, 2017, the Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed the United Nations (UN) in Geneva. During his speech, he raised concerns over the protection of important agreements, such as the Paris Climate agreement and UN Clean Water Initiatives.

He also praised the UN for their work on global poverty, healthcare, and other issues, concerning the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Around 1.1 billion people are no longer in poverty, and 1.9 billion have access to safe drinking water.

This statistic on water is crucial as the need for clean water initiatives and sanitation remains an important goal for the UN.… Read the rest

Best Smart Home Devices For 2017

The “internet of things” has changed the way that we control our homes. It is no longer enough to have a couple of appliances with a mobile app or Wi-Fi capability. Instead, homeowners want them all to communicate with each via one harmonious system.

The concept of the Internet of Things brings together everything from the baby monitor, music systems, thermostats, security system, to the fridge and kettle. They all work together for the best possible user experience and a smart home that is adaptive, convenient and personalized.

It wasn’t long ago that this idea was a complete fantasy. The ongoing development of smart home devices, home hubs, and voice assistants means that it is now much more of reality.

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Health Risks Of Greenhouse Gasses

There is always plenty of talk about the environmental and economic benefits of reducing carbon emissions. However, the impact on human health is sometimes swept under the rug.

Proof that a reduction in greenhouse gases could improve health and well-being should be an incentive to do more to reduce emissions. As modern research shows pollutant particles pose a big risk to many people across the world, and the problems don’t stop there.

The main area of interest with greenhouse gasses and health care is with air quality and breathing.… Read the rest

Best Smart Thermostats 2017

The rise of the term “smart home” means an increasing reliance on the internet for operating things. Many homes are now a series of devices and appliances connected and able to communicate.  All good systems like this need a hub to make changes and keep everything running smoothly.

This is where smart thermostats come in.

Thermostats are now so much more that a way to raise or lower the temperature of the home. New, smarter thermostats are adaptive and functional on a whole new level.… Read the rest

Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the United Nations created the agenda for UN Sustainable Development Goals with some key countries. The agenda outlines 17 critical sustainable development goals that all those involved must work to complete by 2030.

Each goal is split into several smaller targets based on that theme. Many have a deadline of 2030, although some saw the target date brought forward. Below are introductions to each of these 17 goals to show the breadth and ambition of this agenda.… Read the rest