Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the United Nations created the agenda for UN Sustainable Development Goals with some key countries. The agenda outlines 17 critical sustainable development goals that all those involved must work to complete by 2030.

Each goal is split into several smaller targets based on that theme. Many have a deadline of 2030, although some saw the target date brought forward. Below are introductions to each of these 17 goals to show the breadth and ambition of this agenda.

1) End Poverty In All Forms

The first goal is one of the most ambitious. Among the aims here are the ability to eradicate extreme poverty entirely. This means all people in all nations living in improved standards.

On top of this, there is also the desire to build the resilience of the poor. This means reducing vulnerability in the primary societies and removing the threat of economic and social disasters.

2) Zero Hunger

Following the eradication of poverty is the elimination of hunger. The aim here is just to ensure that everyone, no matter their age or situation, has access to food.

Not only that, this food needs to be sufficient and nutritious enough to support them. Another key goal here is to work on sustainable food production systems.

3) Good Health And Well-Being

There is a clear divide in the provision of good health and well-being between the developed and developing the world. One of the main aims here to reduce premature mortality by a third by 2030.

This means significant work to combat non-communicable diseases and epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and other communicable diseases. Furthermore, there is a desire for improved education.

United Nations Sustainable Development

4) Education

Improvements in healthcare education are just the start. Education in a more general sense in lacking in many countries. The goal here is to provide free, equitable and quality education at both primary and secondary levels. This education must be universal.

There is also the aim for equal access to technical, vocational and tertiary education so people can improve their situations.

5) Gender Equality

Many of the goals mentioned here talk about equal access for all. There is a clear understanding that gender inequality is still a global issue.

The goals here include the aim to eliminate violence against all women and girls in all forms, with a clear eye on trafficking. There is also a desire to see equal opportunities for leadership in many social and political positions.

6) Clean Water And Sanitation

This section of the UN sustainable development goals goes back to the basic needs of all humans. There are still too many people without access to clean drinking water and sanitation.

The aim here is to improve water quality, access to safe water and educate communities on hygiene management.

7) Affordable And Clean Energy

Access to affordable, clean energy is a big issue for the UN with current reliance on fossil fuels. The main goals here are to widen access to reliable energy services on a global level and improve the standard of technology.

This means better tech and the infrastructure and services to provide it in all developing countries.

8) Decent Work And Economic Growth

Here the UN are looking to boost economic productivity through four key factors: “diversification, technological upgrading, and innovation.”

At the same time, there is a clear aim to protect workers, especially migrants and women, with stronger laws and safer workplaces.

Another winning goal is help people to promote sustainable tourism for long-term benefits.

9) Infrastructure And Industry

There are some clear goals here to help enterprises build in a positive manner.

There are three key elements here. The first is a focus on By 2030, upgrade infrastructure and retrofit industries to make them sustainable resources and efficient practices.

The second looks at the promotion of clean, eco-friendly technologies. The third looks at greater access to information and communications technology and struggling nations.

10) Reduced Inequalities

Goal 10 continues with some of the ideas of gender differences. The aim here is pretty simple. They want to promote the inclusion of all people into all social, political and economic situations. They stress that this means tolerance of all ages, genders, races, religions, and disabilities.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

11) Sustainable Cities And Communities

Here the focus is on the ability to build communities that can take care of themselves with the right resources. This means access to the right housing, transportation, infrastructure and social care. Again, there is focus on vulnerable groups like women, children and the disabled.

12) Responsible Production And Consumption

Many of these UN goals for sustainable development look at the use of resources and the impact on communities.

Here there is a focus on the way we consume and manage those resources. There is the understanding there has to be greater education on waste reduction, efficient processes, and recycling.

13) Climate Action

There had to be a separate section for climate change. Here the focus is in need to strengthen communities in the face of climate change and potential natural disasters.

Again, there is a strong focus on education as the answer the problems. They want to teach people about the risks and solution to prepare them and help them to lessen the risk.

14) Better Life Below Water

With all the work on water sources and health, it is important that there is a separate section on our oceans.

One of the most striking aspects here is that the goalpost has moved by ten years. They want to be able to conserve up to 10% of coastal and marine areas by 2020. There is also the aim to reduce marine pollution of all kinds by 2025.

15) Life On Land

This series of goals for the oceans compliments with a range of the land. Again, 2020 is the focus here rather than 2030. There is a desire to bring environmental issues into national and local planning to a greater degree.

Much of this will look land restoration and conservation. There is also a clear understanding of the need to target wildlife poaching and trafficking.

16) Peace And Justice

These penultimate goals sound broad and ambitious, but there are some simple aims among the many targets. The key message here is the need to eradicate all kinds of violence and abuse against children, with trafficking mentioned once again. Other interesting elements are the goal to provide a legal identity for everyone and transparency in the major institutions.

17) Partnerships For The Goals

The final issue in these key UN sustainable development goals is to provide the right partners to get the job done. This means complementary multi-stakeholder partnerships that support the aims provide resources and move things forward.

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